An out and about – and a good summer for roses at the Arboretum

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tree peony hung fu 2alpine clematistree peony hung fuduck pond friendpublic veggie gardenskyThe Rose and Fragrance garden at the Arboretum has been reopened! Those of you who have been following this blog (Mom) probably remember that it was closed for reconstruction all last year which I’m sure was for the best (whatever it was that they were working on) but was a big disappointment for little old me as I visited it often. The R&F garden once had many mature roses–OGR’s, large-flowered climbers, species, modern shrubs etc and for myself, it was neat to see how big some of my baby roses might one day become. Our visit the other evening revealed that some, but not all, of those roses had returned this time combined with a vast collection of tree peonies just getting ready to bloom. I’m very much looking forward to lots of visits this summer and shares to carry through the dreary winter months. After the Arboretum, Jesse and I drove up to the community veg garden here in town, making friends with an adorable burrow and admiring the garden before deciding we had better head home before the storm arrived. More wacky weather in store this week–record breaking frosts!

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  1. Well hopefully they will have a nice show for you this year 🙂 … the roses I mean

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