Jewels for the Fairy Queen

Amethyst Crystal Cluster Deco Ring | Hedgerow Rose
Amethyst Crystal Cluster Deco Ring 2 | Hedgerow Rose Wood Sprite Quartz Ring | Hedgerow Rose Viking Woven Chalcedony Ring | Hedgerow Rose Prehnite Ivy Ring | Hedgerow Rose Moissanite Toadstool and Oak Leaf Ring Ring | Hedgerow Rose Medieval Dragon Larimar Ring | Hedgerow Rose custom estate bracelet | hedgerow rose Amethyst Wild Berry Ring | Hedgerow Rose

I had a customer recently tell me that the rings she bought from me made her feel like a Fairy Queen and my reply was that was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received–because that’s exactly how I want women to feel when they wear my jewelry! That kind of feedback is what keeps me motivated to keep going because, let’s face it, some days it feels like “Why am I doing this?” Jesse is always telling me not to worry, things will work out and I’ll eventually find my way in this artform/business. I hope so! In the meantime, it sure feels wonderful to know that these pieces are going to good homes and being worn by such kind and encouraging people.

4 thoughts on “Jewels for the Fairy Queen

  1. I found your Etsy shop while browsing local shops and oh what a gem I have found. I live an hour from you, in Curwensville, and come to State College often. Do you happen to have a shop that I can see your jewelry? If not, that’s just fine because I will purchase something anyway. All of your creations are gorgeous.

    1. Hi Deb, Welcome! Thank you so much for your kind comment. 🙂 No, I don’t have a shop that you can peruse, unfortunately, as I work from home but I do appreciate you asking!

  2. Love your jewelry. I am very interested in the Larimar ring & wondering if it is for sale. I wasn’t able to get it into the cart when I clicked on it.

    1. Hi Jill, all the pieces in this post have sold…sorry! I did email you about making a custom piece. 🙂

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