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Today I could feel it. Spring. Even though there is still snow covering most of the ground and thick clouds pushed by a chilled wind move quickly across the sky, there was that feeling you get when you just know that spring is here. Eva and I were on our walk this afternoon and for a while there, the sun came out and it was so warm that it was baking into her dark fur and she was radiating happiness–luxuriating in the warmth as only a pups can do. We took the long way and passed by a house which currently is vacant. There, beneath the yews, was a clump of vibrant crocuses poking up through the leaf litter and no doubt blooming early (for us) because of their proximity to the house. It made me sad to think these beautiful flowers would go unnoticed this spring since no one lives there to enjoy them so I went back to take these photos…all the while feeling very grateful for the little things.

And a note to myself: This fall, plant more crocuses in our own garden!  😉

2 thoughts on “Crocuses

  1. Today that was the thing I said to myself as well: Plant more crocuses next autumn.
    Gorgeous little spring flowers, especially when they open completely once the sun comes through.
    You took some very beautiful pictures of the little treasures.

    1. Thank you Marian! Here’s another one I keep forgetting: snowdrops. Funny how all I can think about when I’m ordering my bulbs are the showy tulips and daffodils but forget the ones that bloom when we need them most. If I’m a dummy again this fall, please remind me. 😉 I hope you’re enjoying your early spring!

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