Sweetness follows

spring flowers and robin eggI’ve had this song stuck in my head for a few days now (sometimes I think it would be a heck of a lot easier from a blogging standpoint to use song titles for all my posts à la Grey’s Anatomy). But it’s fitting, as in these weeks following winter there is so much sweetness. The roses in our garden appear ready to burst into bloom of which I am eagerly anticipating, however I checked my Accuweather app this morning and apparently we are going to take a nosedive into colder weather again with nightime lows in the 30’s for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not more than 2 weeks ago we had record-breaking frost (which whomped quite a few of our plants) and shortly after a record-breaking heat. I thought we were finally out of the woods but apparently not. Ah, well. These are the highs and lows of gardening and at least it’s been raining so I’ll know they’ve had a good watering before the cold snap which will help prevent frost damage. Last weekend Jesse and I added 4 more raised beds to the veggie patch and planted those blueberries, peaches and asparagus I mentioned earlier. Jesse has been putting that garden together so beautifully (I’ll do a post when it’s all finished) and I love that he is finding an aspect of gardening that he can enjoy. He tolerates my blabbing on and on about roses but it was never really his thing. Speaking of which, a final (?) delivery arrived yesterday: ‘Baltimore Belle’ and ‘Sultane Favorite’ anndddd I discovered a nursery nearby that says they carry David Austin roses. Oh boy! If we can just get past these ding-dong weather fluctuations it’s going to be a great summer for the rose garden! 🙂

“Live your life with joy and wonder…”

mr bunns in a dandelion patchclematis in bird bathirisallium brunneracolumbine in may daisyOrnithogalum umbellatum salvia and coreopsiskitty love

4 thoughts on “Sweetness follows

  1. Ohio’s weather is so strange I cont know what PA(?)’s weather is like but here its to the point of it being just dumb. Two days ago it was in the low 90s and today Friday its 51 ugh my once bloomer is about to bloom (Leda) and two of her blooms is about to open so hopefully we don’t get frost tonight.. and another bad thing is I’m gonna be gone for a week so I’m not even going to see the first bloom on her either… :-(… but I will see her in full bloom when I get back 🙂

    1. I understand that 100%–whenever I have to travel I always think “oh no, what is going to be in bloom that I’ll miss?” I love seeing the pics of Léda that you’re sharing on IG!

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying your garden despite the weather! Love your beautiful photos, as usual (especially the last one).

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