We turned a corner, and then….

My husband and I really don’t get out much. Our idea of a wild date night is to visit campus, (if we’re feeling really crazy we’ll hit up Starbucks first) and take an evening stroll. Last time we went I brought my camera, even though the sun was already setting, because I was hoping to capture a few images of the autumn foliage. But every time we turned a corner, we saw something else that was wonderful and surprising like a veritable grove of blooming asters, anemones and gaura and the most vibrant rainbow I have ever seen in my life. We held hands and chatted about future dreams and smiled when we passed the chapel where we were married. I was still snapping shots even as we walked down College Ave back to our car. Everything is so beautiful this time of year.

10 thoughts on “We turned a corner, and then….

  1. Those are really pretty photos that you took. I was trying to find one that I really liked but they are all great.

    Your rainbow reminded me about a rainbow that appeared out my window before it rained one day a week or so ago and I was at my computer and I happened to look over out the window (my computer is right next to the window we have our dinning room as our computer room because there are two computers, one for the hubby which he is a gamer and I am not allowed to touch his custom PC lol) oh my goodness I was rambling.. um oh and I looked over there was a rainbow, I felt gloomy all that day and that brighten me up I had to snap a few photos before it disappeared 😀

  2. Good Morning Everyone and thank you for dropping by and leaving such kind comments! I am happy that you enjoyed the photos. Jessica: rainbows are like a little miracle, aren’t they? 🙂

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