This Morning’s Gatherings

Flowers for my visit to my grandmother today, the 1st (albeit misshapen) ghost pumpkin, the 1st of the blackberries, a couple of rogue squashes from the pumpkin patch (I must have somehow mixed one up with the pumpkin seedlings), and a sunflower decapitated by the naughty squirrels, which I’ll just leave there for the chickadees. Not shown: the Sweet 100 and Yellow Pear tomatoes which I eat like candy right off the vine.

It’s all about conserving energy today, with the temperatures reading 97° as a high, but a heat index of 104°. I visited the garden at dawn this morning, while it still felt pleasant out of doors, and made my usual rounds including re-filling the bird baths, which I’ll probably do a few more times today. (The robins are the B52 bombers of the bird world and once they’re done with the baths, not a drop of water remains.) I always collect a little something to bring inside, and I thought this time I would share the morning’s gatherings.

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