Looking for Snowdrops

Rose of SharonGrasses

A turn of events today meant I had the car, which is fairly rare, and generally means that I end up at the Arboretum. So, camera in bag, our little Honda cruised over there as if on autopilot. I was looking for snowdrops. Rumor has it they are springing up around here but since we do not have any in our garden (mistake! must plant some!) I figured surely the Arboretum would but sadly they did not–or at least none that were up yet. Instead, I booked it around the paths at high speed (because it was freaking cold out there) snapping just a few shots of the pretty colors and textures that blurred past. I’m so impatient for spring to get here, but I know it will soon. Do you have spring flowers blooming in your garden yet?

2 thoughts on “Looking for Snowdrops

  1. Yes, some snowdrops and they are so tough, they have had it all this year, snow, icy showers and still they survived. Love those few white spots in the otherwise brown garden.

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