The White Squirrels of Western North Carolina

White Squirrels of Western North Carolina via Hedgerow Rose - 1Do you know about the population of white squirrels that live here in western NC, particularly, Brevard, Hendersonville and Laurel Park? They were news to me, too, until we’d arrived and saw them for ourselves.

White Squirrels of Western North Carolina via Hedgerow Rose - 2 White Squirrels of Western North Carolina via Hedgerow Rose - 3These white squirrels are not albinos, they’re just that color! Some, like the one seen here in our garden (noshing on tulip poplar seed pods), also have patterns of black in their fur.

White Squirrels of Western North Carolina via Hedgerow Rose - 4 White Squirrels of Western North Carolina via Hedgerow Rose - 5How did they get here? Apparently, a pair were released into the wild sometime in the earlier part of the 20th century by a resident of Brevard and they’ve multiplied and spread since then. I also read that this gentleman in fact received the original pair from a pal who picked them up in Florida before sending them on to NC and apparently, they were originally part of a circus act. What adventures those squirrels must have seen!

White Squirrels of Western North Carolina via Hedgerow Rose - 6 White Squirrels of Western North Carolina via Hedgerow Rose - 7Jesse and I have started referring to our neighborhood as “The Enchanted Forest” not least in part due to the amazing critters that reside here. I’m so happy that this little chap was enjoying his breakfast so much to not take notice of me hiding behind a tree and taking his photo. Now, at least, my mom won’t think I’m making it up when I tell her we have white squirrels. Here’s the proof! 😉


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  1. Oh my word your website is gorgeous!!! First I looked at the info on New Dawn rose. As I have one (huge and hardy). I’m in zone 6 and we are moving from north GA to western NC. Soo happy to know these roses will not only survive; but possibly thrive. Going to your home page … glad I took the time … I see you ARE IN western NC. What a coincidence! Looking forward to lurking on your site for awhile. And you’ve inspired me to start my own site. After the move and a bit of settling down, that is.

    1. Gosh, thank you so much! That’s truly kind of you. How wonderful to have such a healthy, happy New Dawn rose. They are so magnificent when they’re in full bloom, aren’t they? I just read your email and I’m going to respond in just a minute with the info you were asking for. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Oh man! I have missed 3 posts! what on earth is going on…. I am usually a compulsive checker of your blog.
    I love your agastache collection, and would like to make a few suggestions while you are in that sort of mood. There is a plant called red birds in a tree (Scrophularia macrantha) that I love in my garden, blooms and blooms with a little pose when it gets too hot and then it’s back at it.You also have Zauschneria garrettii Orange Carpet® excellent for your rock garden and with that the coolest or flower Hummingbird trumpet mint (Monardella macrantha Marian Sampson). In truth in my garden the hummingbirds prefer the huge orange trumpet vine and are irresistibly attracted to the bright red giant zinnias of Renee’s garden Moulin Rouge mix. In fact those zinnias made human visitors swoon as well… just saying’


    1. Hi Juju!! I hope you’re doing well. 🙂 Love, love, love your suggestions for hummingbird friendly plants. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go ahead and attach hyperlinks to your suggestions so other readers can find them, too. I might have to try those Zinnias!

  3. They are very cute. Back in Cleveland we saw an albino squirrel a couple times, but never white ones like this. Here we have black squirrels as well as a variety of other colors. They can be frustrating in the garden, but I still like them.

    1. Yes they can be a bit much at times, but mostly they’re super fun to watch. I’ve only ever seen a black squirrel once (back in PA.) At first I thought it was a black cat!

  4. These squirrels are just too dang cute. Do you think a pair would like to live in Ohio? Well, if not, I can’t wait to see them for myself sometime. Yep – now I know for sure that they are real!!

    1. Well, considering that you are the squirrel whisperer, yes I do think they would love it in your Ohio garden! 😉

  5. Those squirrels are you think they will migrate up to central Indiana? My son wants them.. Thanks for the cute pictures 🙂

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