NEWS: Taking an indefinite blogging break

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Folks, it’s time for me to take a break from blogging. This is not a veiled attempt to fish for compliments, I genuinely need to take a step back and reevaluate. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this blog and while I never set out for it to become a big thing with lots of followers, after over 3 years of a solid commitment to writing and beautiful photography, with over 400 posts–over 100 of those on specific roses–I wonder why I am still only engaging with 2 or 3 people. Oh! There are more of you! The other day, it sort of hit me, “Why am I even bothering with this?”

{EDIT: Silly me. I didn’t realize there were so many more of you enjoying these posts–thank you for your kind comments and emails. I think sometimes we make excuses why we need to take a break from a personal creative endeavor, when in actuality you don’t need “permission” or an excuse. I am thoroughly enjoying the time off and will have some pretty new posts to share when I return.}

While I’m pondering these ideas… 

◆ My shop will remain updated and current because I will continue working in the studio. ALL NEW ITEMS WILL CONTINUE TO BE POSTED TO THE SHOP. Just like this new ring!

◆ This space will undergo some layout changes. I have been made aware that readers bouncing in off Pinterest are not finding the answers to their questions (i.e. a specific post I wrote that would help them) so I want to reconsider how I have content displayed and perhaps find a better way for newcomers to quickly access it.

◆ I will still be here to talk to all of you, answer questions, etc. As we head into the best time of year, you can follow me on Instagram to get updates on our garden as well as first peeks/first dibs at any new jewelry I have created.

For those of you who have stuck around and been so kind, please know I appreciate you more than I could say. If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see more of for when I return to blogging let me know! Until then, happy gardening!


24 thoughts on “NEWS: Taking an indefinite blogging break

  1. I totally understand. I feel another period of refocus coming on for me as well. Please know I’ll miss your posts! Your photos are gorgeous and your writing is engaging. If you love your blog and blogging, do it for you first because of your love for it! And there’s nothing wrong with that. (That’s my motto at least unless a blog is purely business related then that’s another situation entirely). I’ve had a drastic reduction in comments and interacting via my own blog in the last few years and I fully believe because there are so many social media sites to keep up with, it’s overwhelming, and while folks are reading posts, they’re not commenting as often because it’s easier to like/+1/share/pin etc.. I miss the interactions with readers too, but, I’ve gotten begrudgingly use to it 🙂 I’m not fond of having to feature my blog on every single social media platform either (and I don’t – I personally cannot keep up with all of that) and I feel like the more that that’s done, the less & less interaction there is overall. It’s hard not to get discouraged! But remember your love for it and you will do what’s best for you 🙂 Miss you already!

  2. Just a note of encouragement – I read your blog several times a week and use it often as a resource. There are probably lots more folks like me who read, but don’t comment. Your blog is really well done, it truly is one of my favorites and I’ve learned a ton about roses from you. Thanks for your incredible photography and for sharing your rose collection! Hope you’ll be back soon!

  3. Hey even tho I am sad that you won’t blog and more but am least you will keep the blog up and your on Instagram so I won’t miss much and your on that more anyway 😛 and I have learned a lot from your experience!

    And if you want to email or what ever me then you are more then welcome 🙂
    But I’m sure well talk on IG

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling frustrated. But I totally understand. Blogging is a lot of work, especially GOOD blogging and it should be rewarding, too. I have similar thoughts from time to time. My blog is primarily for me, but it is nice to have interaction and to feel like you’re making a difference. (From my perspective you are — you’re making the world a more beautiful place and you’ve collected such good experience and information here. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for rose info once and kept coming back because it’s informative and beautiful. I enjoy reading about decorating and crafting and your jewelry, too. Thank you for that!).

    I will miss your blog, but will probably be returning here again and again as I grow my first bands and cultivate my first container rose garden (I’ll probably bug you over email, too… you’re always so sweet to respond so enthusiastically! Thank you for that, as well!).

    I hope your break is refreshing and that you return with renewed inspiration!

  5. I was taught at a writing conference to view blogging as banking your writing. The writing will always be there to rework someday into an article or book. Capturing events when they happen infuses the writing with the emotions and precious details of the moment (midge despair and face plants). You are a terrific artist, photographer, gardener, and writer – a blessed combination for your readers. Like the praying mantis in need of a traffic cop, we happen by and are helped by your work and your words. We all need a break sometimes and yours is well deserved, but please know that your three years of blogging is a treasure trove of beauty.

  6. Your site is truly exquisite. I found it just a couple months ago and have been really enjoying it. I started growing roses last year and now have a dozen OGRs. I want you to know how much I love your writing and beautiful photography. Your love of roses and other beautiful flowers shine through. Thank you.

  7. I love your writing too, and even though I can’t grow anything worth a hill of beans (my sister got all the gardening talent) I still come visit your blog everyday just for the joy of it. I am hoping you take this well deserved break and use it to write something that can be published in the mass media. You know.

  8. I just discovered your blog a few days ago while searching for old garden roses. I have been going through the entries since, starting with your first post and enjoying each and every one. The photographs are simply stunning and the articles interesting, informative, amusing and touching. I’m so sorry to read that you are taking an indefinite break, and hope you will leave the existing entries online so I can continue to work my way through the posts and revisit them for information and inspiration as I work to revitalize my own garden, which was decimated by ground squirrels last year. I wish you the very best — I’m just sorry I discovered you so late!

  9. Laurie, I am a fairly new reader but I just want to say that I have never seen such beautiful roses as I see here on your blog. I am planning on taking up rose gardening and beginning with some small container roses. I have visited your blog several times for information and I find it to be such an excellent resource! I will miss reading your posts and look forward to your return!

  10. Hi Laurie – Your blog is so very lovely and a wonderful reflection of your gorgeous garden and art. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of both for such a long time!! Although I don’t comment much these days, I do always read your blog. Your garden is an inspiration for me – something to aim for!! Thanks for all the wonderful posts and I look forward to you being back (even if things look a bit different). Hopefully we can continue to share thoughts about roses on other social media sights. Many best wishes. Louise

  11. Hi 🙂 i’m very new to your blog, but i feel in love with your gorgeous photography instantly, i’m sad that there will be no new posts but there are plenty of great information for me to read here (i’m a rose novice). My very first rose bloomed today, Summer Song 🙂
    Sending greetings from Serbia!

  12. Laurie,

    Thank you for giving us this exquisite blog! Having a garden like yours is my dream. I visit your blog all the time to put a smile on my face. I am truly inspired by your hard work. Enjoy your break. Ana Trian

  13. Non è facile commentare la sua poetica visione della Storia Naturale ma, mi creda, è bellissimo sfogliare le pagine del suo racconto: da lontano, in silenzio. Commenti come quello di Mugs valgono qualche anno di blog e forse anche di più. Aspetterò che lei torni. Saluti dall’Italia.

  14. Laurie,

    Blogging is tiresome work. I’m glad we can stay tuned via Instagram and the occasional Twitter conversation. I, too, can identify with the “Why am I doing this” conversation that goes on upstairs…Your work is some of the only (really truly) inspirational work I find that combines gardening and photography. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you! Much love and light… and gardening!


  15. Oh dear Laurie! How I do identify with your thoughts. I spent an entire day on my last 2 posts with very little results! I’m even having a wonderful Giveaway Contest and have only had 2 entries! I know I need to comment more on other blogs, but how to find the time? I’m am here today actually because I’m on “vacation” and have some time to myself. Yours is the only blog I’ve visited/commented on! I’m back in Richmond filling my truck up with perennials from the (much better) local nurseries, and today will “shop” from my daughter’s 11 acre woodland property for native trees. (No sign yet of the Lauren’s Grape poppies I seeded, but the zinnias are lookin’ good!)

  16. I was wondering why bloglovin’ did not have any update for your blog… now I know. This is making me super depressed! You blog is my favorite, your writing is amazing and your pictures captivating. I understand you though. If not for my contract with Bernina I might have given up in the advent of Pinterest. People don’t read blogs much anymore, or just mega blogs that get content from all over the web.
    I did write a post in your honor today though and will write you an email with a question about a few rose growing habits… things the books can’t answer! I hope you keep on going even if you transform your blog into a lifestyle or photography creation!

  17. Thank you so much everyone!

    Your kind words are very encouraging and I hope that when I return to blogging I can somehow make these posts even more enjoyable for you.

    …back I go into the garden! ♥

  18. hi,greeting from China! When i first encountered the blog last year, i just got double delights(haha,no pun here). The gorgeous rings&pics you post are so nice and attractive! i can understand why you need a break, but i have to say :what a pity!! i hope you come back soon. And i’m trying my best to introduce your blog to my friends.i believe they’ll love it very much! so just go on,on and on!!!

  19. I just discovered your beautiful site, and am in love! Thanks for sharing so much beauty. I have recently delved into rose gardening and all of your posts and pictures are SO inspiring!

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