Well. July certainly arrived in a jiffy, didn’t it? Gone are the delicate pinks and fresh greens of spring, to be replaced by the fiery hues of the hot days of summer. In our garden, the bee balm, coneflowers and lilies are taking center stage, soon to be followed up by the butterfly bushes, zinnias and sunflowers. Today I saw our first monarch sipping nectar from the milkweed we planted last year. With these butterflies losing ground, it did my heart good to see it so provided for here, at least. (It’s the little things.) We’re also enjoying the fact that ‘Piñata’ has returned in full splendor after last summer’s spider mite fiasco. This is a solid rose. Get it if you can. Oh, and Friends, please pardon my dust while I make some long overdue changes to the format of this blog. I’ve been meaning to widen the photos for ages. No time like the present, eh? Anywho, I hope you are enjoying your last evening in June. If you look outside, there’s a lovely gibbous moon waxing in your summer sky.