Growing ‘Rose de Rescht’ Portland Damask Rose

You know how sometimes you just know? This is one of those times. Like the lady said in “When Harry Met Sally”, you know when you have a good melon, so it goes that you know when you have a good rose. ‘Rose de Rescht’ is a portland/damask blend, a fine reddish-purple coloring (to rival that of ‘Reine des Violettes’ but shhh, don’t tell the Queen of the Violets I said so) a divine fragrance, disease resistant, shade tolerant, and oh, what’s that you say? Repeat bloom? Yes, it’s true. In fact, our tiny little plant, which is currently in it’s second season and growing in a large container, finished her first flush of blooms in May and is already producing another wave of buds (see last photo).

2 thoughts on “Growing ‘Rose de Rescht’ Portland Damask Rose

  1. Hello:)
    I’m new to rose’s and just bought Ris de Rescht and Reine Victoria. I live in zone 8, should I plant in ground or container?

    1. Hi Leshia, if you have the space in your garden, they might do better in the ground, as they both can get rather large over time. If you grow either in a container, you’ll want to make sure you give them special care. I have a whole post written about that HERE. Also, I’m going to give you links to read more about each of these roses on the Help Me Find rose database. Here is Rose de Rescht and here is Reine Victoria. 🙂

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