“Arcata Pink Globe”

Remember how tiny this baby rose was last year? I’ve been alluding to the epic growth of  “Arcata Pink Globe” for several posts and now you can finally see what I have been talking about. These photos were taken last May when it was just starting to open up. As I was rifling through my photo library I realized I literally had only 2 photo sessions for this rose even though it was blooming for over 3 weeks. I think that may be due to the fact that most of the time I was just staring at it with my jaw dropped.

We’re keeping ours in this nice big container for now, but in the fall will be moving to a pride-of-place spot in the garden yet to be determined. Just a few extra growing tips to add: our “Arcata Pink Globe” does quite nicely in a partly shaded location and likes to be fertilized well (I use manure and alfalfa tea). I haven’t seen any hips. Totally disease free, which is a really big, shout it from the rooftops, significant selling point for me. Seriously, buy this rose.

{EDIT: We never did end up moving into the garden, so it’s still in it’s container and I hope it looks as beautiful for us this spring. Also, here is more info about Setigera roses From HMF: “Rosa setigera is the only rose that is cryptically dioecious – – meaning there are male-only and female-only plants that generally look alike but whose sex is determinable microscopically, by counting the number of flowers per inflorescence (male plants have more flowers) or by looking for hips (hips are found only on female plants).” SOURCE}

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