Growing ‘Alnwick Castle’ David Austin Rose

If our roses could talk, I’m certain they would give me a good scolding. Especially ‘Alnwick Castle’ who has been moved 3 times before I finally settled on a home less than 5 feet away from her original location! Two summers ago the poor dear languished after I moved her in mid bud-stage and I wondered what would become of her while also kicking myself for being so indecisive. But last summer she finally started producing pretty pink roses and it made the wait all the sweeter. I wouldn’t say this is a particularly robust rose, in our climate lots of blackspot and slow-ish recovery, and if you’re wondering why all the rose faces and not the entire plant it’s because I was trying to avoid all those spotty leaves, naked canes and pesky cucumber beetles in the photos.

Since ‘Alnwick Castle’ has been moved back into the garden and out of a container in the driveway I expect her health to improve–that’s if she makes it through this cold winter I’m predicting we’ll have. We had our first snow flurries today! And yes, that’s a photo of ‘Alnwick Castle’ in the header, but you know by the time you read this it might be a different rose I’m using there. I told you I was indecisive!

{Thank you also for your lovely comments! I am so thrilled when I see those pop up on my feed. It’s such a delightful surprise since most days I feel as though I am talking to myself. ;)}

12 thoughts on “Growing ‘Alnwick Castle’ David Austin Rose

  1. I love this blog Laurie! Especially how you imagine that if those roses could talk. . . . they would be giving you a scolding! I seriously doubt that, however. I am pretty sure they would be thanking you for taking such amazing care of them.<3

  2. Yep – I am agreeing with Jamie – I think your roses are loving how much attention you lavish on them, and share with the rest of us! Each one is beautiful in its own right, and that’s what we learn from you!

  3. What gorgeous pinkness to see in late November! Glorious roses, and beautifully captured. Happy, Happy Birthday, Laurie!

  4. I like the roses! Especially the first image, it had a certain “specialness” to it. Btw, is it your birthday? Happy Birthday! One can’t ever have enough Happy Birthday greetings!

  5. Btw…I just visited your jewelry site and have to admit that you have some very creative pieces there. Really thought that the Rhinestone & Crystal Bracelet was unique. The ring with leaf was cool also, although I could see myself probably playing with the leaf all day! LOL

    Can’t help but say again…. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope your day was blessed and filled with presents and cake. Yur pictures are so beautiful. You are very talented!

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