Some more recent rose additions…

roi des aulnes 10-14-2This day did not start out awesome. What do you do to cheer yourself up when nothing seems to be going right? Besides hugging my puppy and kitties, I like to look at roses. No surprise there. 😉

Roses just make me happy! (If they were a drink, they’d be fizzy pink lemonade.) I think sharing some more of our recent additions will be just what I need to re-start this day on a positive note and if you’re also feeling blue, I hope they put a smile back on your face.

blanche de belgique 2014 - 4Let’s start with ‘Blanche de Belgique’… have I talked about this one yet? I don’t think so. Blanche is an old Alba (pre 1820) from Belgium and has all the lovely qualities you would expect from an Alba. Wonderfully scented, disease-free, rugged growth. Love! I’ll be bringing a cutting of this rose to the new garden, for sure.

Common Moss May 2014 - 1Common Moss rose‘Common Moss’ or ‘Centifolia Muscosa’ can be a real showstopper. In our garden, though, she got a bit mildewy and many of the buds balled up and wouldn’t open. I do want to try again with this rose with better air circulation because look at that bloom. Can you practically smell the fragrance? Wow!

darcey 10-15-2 Darcey Bussell May 2014 - 2We have a tradition on Mother’s Day of taking me to a nursery and letting me pick out whatever plants I want. It really is the best day! ‘Darcey Bussell’ a David Austin (2005) was last year’s pick. This really is a handsome rose, but it did not like where I planted it up against the house. Too warm, I think, as the summer progressed this rose protested with blooms that got teensier and teensier.

Madame Alfred Carriere May 2014 - 5Here is the exceptionally pretty ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’ a Noisette (1875) from France and one you often read about in books recommending old roses as she has been a favorite for generations. Vita Sackville-West planted this rose at Sissinghurst in 1930 and it’s still there covering a large portion of the South Cottage. (Or so I hear. Sissinghurst is one of those gardens I’ve yet to see in person.) Unfortunately, like our other Noisette ‘Rêve d’Or’, this rose’s abundant, tender growth is a midge-magnet and it hardly gave me any blooms at all. (I will be taking cuttings of both and trying again in new garden.)

roi des aulnes 2014 2roi des aulnes 10-14-3A peculiar addition to our garden is this Hybrid Multiflora introduced by Geschwind sometime before 1884. Purchased through one of Vintage’s final sales is ‘Roi des Aulnes’ (eagle eyes will note this rose is being misspelled on HMF but should include the letter L in Aulnes like the poem. This rose is also known as ‘Erlkönig‘.) ‘Roi des Aulnes’ is very peculiar in that 1: the description states it only blooms once but mine bloomed all summer and 2: the blooms are so varied you’d think they were from a different plant! Both photos above (and the one seen at the top of this post) are the same rose

Blanc Double de Coubert‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ (France, 1893) is a very popular Rugosa and rightly so! The flowers are intensely fragrant and of course the plant itself is rugged, disease free, winter hardy, etc. We had a nifty little family tree thing happening in our garden last summer, as BDdeC is a seedling of R. rugosa Alba and Souvenir de Philémon Cochet is a seedling of BDdeC! I kept hoping to get a photo of all three roses side by side but they never seemed to have a bloom ready at the same time. (Now, SdePC is living in my mom’s garden.) In case anyone is wondering, yes, BDdeC did tend to get brownish petals if it had been raining a lot. R. rugosa Alba never really did (that much), and is one of my favorite white roses.

Picket Fence Rose - Magenta WineI hope these roses brought some cheer to your day! ♡

8 thoughts on “Some more recent rose additions…

    1. Thank you Nancy! I do hope you feel better soon. This winter has been a real kicker for so many of us but spring is just around the corner. 🙂

  1. The last photo, is that Darcey Bussel? How is the fragrance? It is gorgeous…I was trying to decide between it and Munstead Wood and I got MW last summer….hmmmm, I am thinking maybe I should get a DB too!

    1. If it’s a toss-up between Munstead Wood or Darcey, go with Munstead! Darcey is lovely, but it’s got nothing on Munstead for fragrance. Better yet, get them both. 😉

  2. well well well… Roi des Aulnes… only my favorite novel from Michel Tournier (inspired of course from the poem). Can you believe I remember the first two verses of the poem from hight school German!
    Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind?
    Es ist der Vater mit seinem Kind…


    On a more rosy note, I succumbed to the call of the David Austin discount and bought three own root Gentle Hermione and a Munstead Wood… I am choosing my roses for shade and rain tolerance (sprinklers really).



    1. Wow, how cool is that that you remember the poem?! I think you need this rose! 😉

      I was just telling my husband how I’m feeling desperate to reserve roses from Austin, especially since that coupon expires soon, but I have no idea where to have them delivered to yet. Grrr. So glad you purchased some for yourself…I’ll live vicariously through you, hahaha. I don’t have any experience with Gentle Hermione but I hear a lot of good things about that one. Let me know what you think!

  3. Definitely brought some cheer. Today was finally a bit warmer here, in the 20s, so we finally were able to go for a nice long walk with the dogs. Even so, I’m still dreaming garden dreams and getting impatient. That David Austin coupon is taunting me, too… don’t have too many more days to make up my mind whether I’ll give in or not.

    I grew BDdeC in my old garden and it was always lovely, but I haven’t found my favorite white rose yet. I have high hopes for Madame Hardy!

    Thanks for the rosy fix and I hope your not so awesome day turned around!

    1. It’s really sad when we’re saying “warmer” is in the 20’s….don’t you think? 😉 Oh my gosh, it’s been positively arctic!

      Jesse said I had better just use that coupon but I’m going to wait until the last minute to decide. I’m so glad these photos made you smile and yes my day did turn around, thank you! 🙂

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