‘Munstead Wood’ (one of the prettiest David Austin roses)

munstead wood 10-14-21Munstead Wood 10-14-2-1 Munstead Wood 10-14-3 Munstead Wood 10-14-5 Munstead Wood 10-14-6 munstead wood 10-14-11 munstead wood 10-14-18munstead wood 9-12-3-2 munstead wood 10-13-2 munstead wood 10-13-8

munstead wood 10-14-22 munstead wood 10-14-23 munstead wood 10-14-24 munstead wood 10-14-26 munstead wood 10-14-29 munstead wood 10-14-30 munstead wood 10-14-32 munstead wood 10-14-33 munstead wood in october 2 munstead wood in october 2014Here is ‘Munstead Wood’ looking lovely in our garden last autumn. After the pitiful amount of roses we had during the summer, it was especially nice to see this one blooming well into October (when most of these photos were taken.) I have a theory that the plentiful thorns and a thicker peduncle helped prevent the midge female from depositing her eggs. I saw a similar situation happening with the equally prickly ‘Stanwell Perpetual’. It’s just a theory. I could be way off base. (Good thing I actually kind of like thorns, since ‘Munstead Wood’ has some pretty epic ones.) I think she is one of the prettiest David Austin roses and if we had the room I’d add several more. Do you have ‘Munstead Wood’ in your garden, too?

13 thoughts on “‘Munstead Wood’ (one of the prettiest David Austin roses)

  1. You’re so right, it’s a very pretty rose, almost impossible to catch its prettiness in pictures but you did wonderfully. It was the first rose I ever bought and still my favourite.

  2. No I have one with its genes I think its the deep red and shape 🙂 its a Paul Barden trial rose but I may have to buy this and keep it at my moms lol!

  3. Gorgeous! I’ve never grown Munstead Wood and now I think it’s not cold hardy enough for where I live. So sad because it’s lovely.

    1. It’s isn’t very hardy to where we live, either, considering the winter we just had. But it makes an excellent container rose which we bring into our (unheated) garage over winter. Maybe you could do the same?

  4. Wow! I swear your photos are so stunning that I can almost smell the lovely fragrance of that rose! I have not grown many roses, but plan to, and just received the DA Roses catalog. Thank you for bringing a bit of sunshine into my day, Laurie, and a little taste of what is surely to come now that this long cold winter is looking to finally be very nearly over!

    1. Thank YOU Cynthia! I truly appreciate you stopping by. Isn’t that Austin catalog simply wonderful? 😀

  5. Munstead Wood sure is gorgeous and beautifully photographed. Looks sparse must be the China Rose influence.Is the perfume reminiscent of Dark Lady. My favourite Austin red.Keep up the flow of interesting info and comment.

    1. Hi Ashton, I’m not familiar with ‘Dark Lady’ personally, but ‘Munstead Wood’ does also have a strong old rose fragrance. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I actually stumbled onto your blog when I was looking for how to grow roses from cuttings! But, I had to laugh too because so many of your posts are similar to me. I was looking about how to do rose cuttings because I want to make cuttings of some roses that were on my husband’s grandfather’s farm which I think was first planted by his mother- my husband’s great grandmother. There are the old world style roses and I just fell in love with them and wanted to find some other ones that are similar only different colors.

    So, I also just found out about David Austen roses. I am excitedly waiting for my catalogue! But, I couldn’t wait and purchased two roses from another supplier. The two were Munstead Wood and Gentle Hermione. I was so excited to see such lovely pictures of Munstead Wood here as I had already purchased it!

    Thanks for the information on cuttings and for the beautiful blog.


    1. Hi Lauren, So glad you found my little blog–it’s always nice to meet other rose lovers. You’re going to love your David Austin roses and you’ve picked a couple good ones. Of course I am already fond of Munstead Wood but I’ve heard wonderful things about Gentle Hermione, too. Thank you for your visit! 🙂

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