Some Recent Rosy Finds

recent rosy finds 3Who else is already dreaming of roses for spring 2016? Me, too. With that in mind, I thought it long overdue for another edition of my Recent Rosy Finds. They might spark an idea for your garden and/or with the holidays arriving shortly, some of these might just be the perfect gift for your rose-gardening friend, or yourself! Here you go….

♦ On Instagram: @ellarosefarm is so inspiring to me, as I have often dreamt of growing roses commercially. (Gosh, I realized I’ve never said that out loud before, except to my husband. What does that mean?) Ellarose is run by Nancy Teasley who also has a successful floral design/event company, @oakandtheowl. I don’t think this lady sleeps! Take a look at her feed and get inspired.

♦ These Fiberclay Barrel Pots from Terrain can go under my Christmas tree anytime. Are you listening, Santa? The large, 16″ diameter size (which I’m assuming is roughly 10 gallons) sounds perfect for container roses! {EDIT: Actually, if my math is correct, this pot should be closer to 13 gallons, but that sounds like a lot for such a relatively small container. I think I’ll just have to get one to check. 😉 }

♦ Did you hear that David Austin is selling own-root roses in 2 quart pots? They’re available NOW for fall planting!

♦ I’m intrigued by this eco-friendly, rose-scented candle found on The Future Kept. I’m very picky with my rose scents, as so many of them don’t smell true, but this is such a thoughtfully curated shop (owned by Jeska & Dean Hearne) that I’ll bet it’s a good one.

♦ This 1938 edition of Roses of the World in Color by McFarland was my birthday present to myself. I will be sharing the illustrations here on HR, soon! I also found a first edition of this book if anyone is interested in adding it to their collection.

♦ I still haven’t bought my replacement garden wellies, but I think these Classic Rose Garden boots from Bogs are pretty cute, don’t you think?

♦ A list of shade-tolerant roses via Marin Rose Society. (I posted this on my Twitter a while back but it’s too good not to share again as I know many of us are making our rose wish-lists.)

♦ Oh to have a proper garden trug, perfect for bringing bits and bobs in from the garden. I would love one of these Royal Sussex Trugs from Clarington Forge, made of chestnut and willow, to carry my clipped roses inside.

♦ My husband and I started a tradition a while ago of purchasing special bedding which we save for Christmas Eve. It sounds silly, but we have come to really look forward to it. I usually stick to a rosy theme, no surprise there, and I particularly like these three: the Catherine bedding from Cabbages and Roses, the Antique Rose Bouquet bedding from Cath Kidston (it would match our wallpaper, at least!) or the Rose Petal collection from Taylor Linens (it also comes in cream.)

♦ Last but not least, I wanted to say thank you to Anne Butera who shared an interview with me on her lovely blog. Take a look to find out what rose I said was my most favorite!

What rosy things have been inspiring you, lately?

15 thoughts on “Some Recent Rosy Finds

  1. Great rosy finds you’ve shared with us here. You’re my go-to source for rosy inspiration. 🙂

    And A Shropshire Lad… I do love that rose.

    Thanks, again, for the interview. It was so much fun and lovely to learn a bit more about you (and share it with my readers!).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Always a pleasure sharing my rosy finds! I find I am also loving the Lad, he was definitely the most handsome rose that bloomed in our garden this year. 🙂

  2. Rose-related things, h’m….. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I’m starting to dig out all my sewing projects. I have some of the Norfolk Rose upholstery fabric by Waverly which I cut out into a dress and never finished. It’s canvas-weight, and will make a nice sheath. I hope I won’t look like a chair. But it’s so lovely– an earthy-toned rose fabric, with rust and olive and oyster.

    Your interview made me smile, especially the part about what you studied in college– I started out in biology and pipe organ and then swerved off into English. Now I’m a librarian.

    1. Haha I got such a chuckle from your “hope I don’t look like a chair.” I’m sure you won’t! That particular pattern is such a nice one.
      Isn’t it funny how so many of us started out in the sciences? Think there is any correlation to also loving gardening? There must be. 🙂

  3. Ooh I love the garden boots by BOGS..then I saw the price..yikes!!! I think I will put it on my Christmas/birthday thanks for the great info 🙂

    1. They are definitely on the pricier end! It’s kept me from making that purchase, but on a wishlist, instead. Glad you enjoyed this post! 🙂

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