Blush Pink Roses in June

Blush-Pink-Roses-for-JuneThat 5 month break from blogging has me all sixes and sevens now. I’ve got piles of photos and potential posts from the summer and I’m not entirely sure where to start because it seems so incongruous to the current situation.

Bouquet of blush pink roses 3For example, right now I’m looking out the window at a day that is so overcast it seems like the sun never came up. It’s pouring, it’s cold, it’s miserable. Most of the leaves have dropped and are forming soggy piles at the feet of the trees and shrubs. For what will be the 100th time today, I’m wishing we had a wood burning fireplace to get cozy in front of but at least there are a couple of kitties and one snoring spaniel at my feet.

Bouquet of blush pink roses 2So there’s nothing for it but to just dive right in and pick something to share even if it does seem a bit out of place. I’ve settled on this collection of photos from one beautiful afternoon last June–the inspiration being a single ‘Mollie Rilstone’ sweet-pea blossom which caught my eye with it’s perfect shade of blush-pink. I went on a treasure hunt around the garden looking for roses to compliment it and created the simple collage seen above which include the following roses: Celsiana, Heritage, R. englanteria, Félicité Parmentier, Strawberry Hill, Bonica and Arcata Pink Globe. Let’s get some close-ups of those beauties!

Blush Pink Roses 1 Blush Pink Roses 2 Blush Pink Roses 3 Blush Pink Roses 4 Blush Pink Roses 5I always seem to come back to this shade of pink when selecting new roses, well any flower for that matter, for the garden. And I’ll tell ya somethin’ else, that Celsiana sure is a looker. I managed to root a few cuttings last summer and having those extras on hand makes me feel rich! She’s probably one of my favorites of all time…but I’m getting ahead of myself, that’s for a different post. (It’s going to be good!)

Bouquet of blush pink roses 1

15 thoughts on “Blush Pink Roses in June

  1. Thanks for posting! We had a similar day today in Wisconsin, rain mixed with some snow, only a harbinger of things to come. I’m not ready for winter! It’s great to see summer again – these roses are fantastic. I planted a Celsiana rose this fall- can’t wait to see it in person next spring. Is the more formally cupped rose in the back center of the vase Heritage?

    1. You have a great eye, Cole! Yes, that rose is Heritage. What a beauty, right? I really hope you love Celsiana as I do…let me know what you think! 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting these pictures. They really made my day. We live in eastern PA and it has been cooling down a good bit. I have 4 container roses and three of the four have buds but they are struggling to open for the last time because it’s cooled down so much. Hopefully, they will bloom by the end of the week. They are calling for snow on Saturday. Not looking forward to that at all.

    1. I totally understand! The other day it occurred to me (we’re in PA, too) how it’s like 6 months of winter here. I love snow and I love Christmas…but come January I’ve had enough. 😉
      I hope you still get some last minute roses from those buds!

  3. Ahhhh, the perfect antidote to what’s outside my window. I would love a wood burning fireplace, too, right about now, but your blush pink roses (my favorite color!) help me to forget the chill.

    I sure am looking forward to all your other gardeny posts as this autumn turns to winter.

    1. Thank you Anne! It’s so strange how so many homes where it doesn’t get cold have fireplaces, but here in the north and the northeast, most are only equipped for really expensive oil heat. Doesn’t make any sense.

      I’ll keep the flower train rolling this winter! 🙂

  4. YES! My wood burning stove is a life saver during these cold days, even though I can’t wait for winter to be over either.

    I love that you are sharing summer, and these roses. Helps!

    And, of course, you know you can always pop in the car and drive a few hours to sit by my fire with me. I have a comfy chair waiting for you!

  5. maybe you can have a stove in your next place?

    I love your collages, they are surreally perfect, I have to stare at them for a while.

    Here we are having a very dry fall and I fear some of my roses are getting very thirsty.

    1. Thank you Juliette, I’m so glad you like them! 🙂

      It’s been a dry autumn here, too, for the most part. One or two rainy days and that’s it!

  6. These are beautiful pictures! I have a question I’d like to ask permission to upload the photo with the wood background as my cover photo in memory of my recently passed mother. I don’t want to infringe on your copyright of the photo, so please let me know if this is okay. I can credit your site in my caption.

    1. Hi Amanda, thank you for your comment and I want to apologize that it’s taken so long for me to get back to you. I tried adding the photo you asked for to my iStock catalog so you could download a hi-res file and use on your site, and that was weeks ago and they still haven’t approved the file yet. Grr. Anyways, I just reached out to them about it so it should probably be up soon. So! Here is the link and if you check back in a few days it should be available. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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