So now I’m going to talk about my excitement over our daylily grove and extinguish any lingering doubt, as though you had any, that I do not lead a very exciting life. Actually, I’ve gone over in my head a bunch of times how I can make this post more interesting, but the truth of it is, this is very straightforward: got a space in your garden that you’re not sure what to do with and you really don’t want to have to ever tend? Get yourself some daylilies. When we moved into our home, this section of the garden, which lies beneath a very large silver maple, was filled with weeds but hemmed in with a pretty row of hostas. It desperately needed color so we used our backyard wedding reception as an excuse to splurge a little bit on a collection from White Flower Farm. (This section of the garden isn’t completely in the shade; it gets morning and late afternoon sun.) Every year I add more compost to that area to build up the soil since initially it was just a thin layer and lots of tree roots and it’s taken a few seasons but now they’re starting to fill in nicely. Last summer I tried to get a photo of each variety that was represented in the bunch and although I wasn’t able to get them all, here is a sampling. Next summer? A foxglove grove! Yippee!

{The last two photos: first, a photo standing in a section of the daylily grove and looking out, and second, a photo of a daylily from the collection which I snuck out to the postbox and which is, not surprisingly, growing faster than the others since it gets all day sun. Also, as I was telling Louise in the comments, I used to not be a fan of daylilies, but colorings like these are warming me up to them!}

4 thoughts on “Daylilies

  1. I love daylilies..they truly are easy to grow. Yours are lovely. You seem to have a really nice mix of different varieties. I have my eye on one for next year’s garden – “Pandora’s Box”.

    1. Oooh, that is a gorgeous daylily (just looked it up). I really like that purplish eye in the center. I never was much a fan of daylilies before (I think it was all the Stella d’Oro overkill where we used to live) but I am appreciating them more and more–especially ones with pretty coloring like Pandora’s Box!

  2. These daylily pictures are lovely.
    I love the cold weather and the feeling of sewing “guilt free” (no gardens to tend).
    But, your photos make me yearn for those warm days of putzing around the garden beds !

    1. Hi Rose! Thank you for your comment. And you inadvertently encouraged me to keep this post up–I thought it might have been too “boring.” Anyways, I completely understand how you feel–since I can’t really do much gardening I’ve been going a little nuts doing indoor fix-ups. But seeing pics of roses on Pinterest and the like has me yearning for spring…

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