A little cheer

Happy-Holidays-from-Hedgerow-RoseJesse, Madison, Eva and I have a holiday tradition of stopping for a tasty bev (and Eva gets cookies) and then driving round the neighborhoods looking at the Christmas lights. As we pass by we always have comments about what we like and even the smallest amount of Christmas Cheer, such as a small strand of lights on the front yard’s tree or a simple wreath on the door earns a thumbs up from us. And when they look like this, then we have to pull the car over and take a picture.

I absolutely love Christmas, and I can’t wait to bring the boxes down from the attic and begin decorating. This year, since I’ve been on a weird painting spree (where did that come from?) we have a home filled with lights and decorations combined with painting cans, brushes, rags and sanders. So until I clean that mess up, here are some photos (Newsletter subscribers, you may remember these) from last Christmas to bring you a little cheer.


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