A Woodland Ohio Garden

mom's garden moss orange echinacea rosa multiflora rustic birdhouse wisteria leavescampanula in mom's garden casablanca lilies coreopsis gaura and potentilla fleur de lis birdbath and moss fairy in mom's garden bluebird house aster in mom's garden mom's garden 2 liatris japanese mapleteasing georgia rose and veggie garden teasing georgia rosewhite echinacea and white pinewhite pinefirewood log pile Thank you Mom and Del for sharing your beautiful garden with us. I wish I had gotten better photos–next time!

14 thoughts on “A Woodland Ohio Garden

  1. I can’t believe I missed this! It was SO wonderful to have you visit and to see the garden with your eyes – I can’t believe all this little things you saw! Come back and do it again!!!!

  2. These are lovely photos La! You are so silly saying you wish you had gotten better photos! I don’t know how that’d be possible!!
    Thanks for sharing Beca’s garden with everyone!

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