This week in the studio


messy bench

Top to Bottom: An Art Deco-inspired Aventurine Ring in recycled sterling and vintage brass / An elven-inspired Imperial Jasper ring in recycled sterling with vintage brass leaves / This mess is normal 😉

Very excited to share my next post with you–a jewelry giveaway!

3 thoughts on “This week in the studio

  1. Those are beautiful rings! Now whenever (hopefully very soon) when I get a job I will be a regular purchaser 🙂 now you just need to make one with London blue topaz and set it aside for me 😀

    (You wouldn’t happen to be looking for any help would ya lol)

  2. I would pay handsomely for a size 10.5 Eleanor of Aquitaine Ruby ring. She is my ancestor, your ring is the only one I feel is appropriate to honor her.
    Please help me honor her memory!

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