Starry, starry…mantel

It started with these: the pink twinkle lights I found at Michaels that of course I had to have. They’re pink after all! They went kerplunk onto our fireplace mantel along with some other doodads I love to bring out for Christmas: the papier maché glitter houses (I have glitter house mania every year and I fear that someday our house will be filled with them), some little trees including my pink mercury glass treasure, and my most favorite of all–the white feather tree adorned with vintage glass ornaments. I don’t wait for Thanksgiving to be over before the Christmas decorations begin to trickle out of our attic space. In fact, if we’re being entirely truthful, I would skip Thanksgiving altogether if I could and get right to the good stuff. This morning, Madison watched as I pranced around the dining room taking photos of the lights and asked, “Mom, are you so glad Thanksgiving is over so you can officially enjoy Christmas?” And I am. I really, really am!

17 thoughts on “Starry, starry…mantel

  1. I love your twinkle lights, and the photos make your house look like a fairyland! Happy Birthday to the princess who lives there!

  2. I have to say, I don’t have a mantel, but looking at your pink twinkle lights makes me want to hang them from my door frames. What fun would that be?!? LOL

  3. I’ve got to get some of those pink lights for my daughter. They’re beautiful.

    Have a Happy Birthday!!

  4. I hope you get more of these in stock. They are beautiful, classic….
    “Recycled 14kt Gold Pebble Initial Signet Ring”

  5. Just wanted to pop in and say thank you to all you lovely ladies who took time out of your day to leave me such delightful comments. I really enjoyed reading them! 🙂

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